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Alleged Over Payment of Benefits

What is the Problem?

The various benefits agencies don’t always get things right… and no wonder. Claims in the Hundreds-of-Thousands to-handle; unqualified, disinterested staff processing boring paperwork, which requires attention to detail, and a thorough knowledge of the very-complex benefits system. Bob Hope – No Hope!

And thus situations may easily arise in which you are expected to cough up cold-hard-currency (cash)!

Some typical causes of overpayment are:

  • Sometimes; they don’t communicate with each other,
  • Sometimes; they communicate mis-information to you,
  • Sometimes; they lose information, and
  • Sometimes; they make a mistake.

The thing is; you cannot, and should not, rely-upon the word of a member of benefits-agency staff, for the simple reason that they have proven themselves unreliable time, and time and time again. To rely, blindly, upon their word(s) as being true – may cost you in unclaimed benefits, and or alleged overpayments (picking up the tab for someone else’s mistake).

By way of example.

Simon recently helped a young lady in Essex not only prove, to one agency, that she did not have any responsibility for the £5500 alleged-overpayment being claimed from her, but at the end of the very simple process, the agency discovered that they actually owed HER £1000+!

What are the chances that you may be in a situation, where you are actually owed money?

Get the guidance sheet – it could save you a fortune!


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Now if that is the case, then you really should take action and get into the very simple method of questioning which Simon has already taught others to use – to not only defend the heinous accusation made by the benefits agencies, in falsely trying to claim money back from people (who frankly could ill afford to lose out), but also to turn the table around, and using that same set of questions, force the agency-in-question to make sure that it has got the facts-right, which could in turn result in something much nicer.

Click here to get access to this valuable guidance sheet [/mepr-hide]