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Birmingham Midshires – Who Owns My Mortgage?

What is the Problem?

Mr Treanor, from Bedfordshire, contacted the show with a problem. He is trying to sell his home, and this will mean redeeming his mortgage. Unfortunately, the mortgage company, doesn’t own the mortgage and therefore Mr Treanor cannot ‘redeem’ (buy-back) it!

In a situation like this, does Mr Treanor have to pay the mortgage company anything?

One of the great things about knowing when things are not right is being able to step in and do something about it. It’s a sad truth that so many people working in large corporations don’t really know how to do their job properly most of the time because they have been badly trained and poorly instructed. The thing is that because the methods and process they have been taught to use have been used for so long they have simply become ‘company policy’. And of course company policy can’t be wrong can it?

Well, yes it can, and in most cases is not just wrong – it’s often totally unlawful.

What To Do

Our job yours and mine, is to educate firstly ourselves on what is right and then educate the people we have to deal with in these companies so that when they try and con us either in ignorance or willfully we can stand firm and insist they put things right. 

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About the Presenters

Simon Goldberg

Simon, began his working life with Messrs. Coutts & Co, bankers to the Queen. During a career which has, thus far, spanned 31 years, Simon has served time as a Bank Manager, Financial Adviser, and General Manager of a major UK Broking Firm, which later became London Scottish Broking. A Certified Mortgage Specialist, Simon set up his own broking firms in late 2002... Find out more about Simon

Your hosts - Mark Moxom and Alain Braux

Mark Moxom

Mark is a multiple best selling author on food, health and business. He has had decades of experience in natural health and is an outspoken advocate of natural nutrition and drug free living. He's also the founder and executive editor of Low Carb Mag. More about Mark

The Rest of The Story

You and your Cash

The Outline Solution

In this video, Simon brings a couple of fundamental matters to the attention of the gentleman he is speaking with at Birmingham Midshires about how they are not acting properly with regard to how a mortgage is redeemed.

It is an enlightening conversation…