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The Campaign To Get Businesses to Do Better Pt2

What is the Problem?

The problem is simple – many businesses treat their customers very badly indeed and well… Don’t you think it’s time we put a stop to this?

What To Do

What is all this about?

It’s about acting collectively to make business and companies realise they can no longer continue to treat customers like us like the proverbial merde.

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About the Presenters

Simon Goldberg

Simon, began his working life with Messrs. Coutts & Co, bankers to the Queen. During a career which has, thus far, spanned 31 years, Simon has served time as a Bank Manager, Financial Adviser, and General Manager of a major UK Broking Firm, which later became London Scottish Broking. A Certified Mortgage Specialist, Simon set up his own broking firms in late 2002... Find out more about Simon

Your hosts - Mark Moxom and Alain Braux

Mark Moxom

Mark is a multiple best selling author on food, health and business. He has had decades of experience in natural health and is an outspoken advocate of natural nutrition and drug free living. He's also the founder and executive editor of Low Carb Mag. More about Mark

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The Outline Solution


The Campaign Letters – see links below or use the form on ‘the campaign’ page

That’s where our campaign comes into play.

Each of you have POWER. You may or may not realise it, but you do. It’s called Purchase POWER and it is so powerful that, collectively, you can bring down pretty much any company by simply starving it of currency.

This world we live in, and the standards we demand and expect of our peers, so often seems to go “out of the window” when our peers pull on the corporate cloak. How often do employees question the overall aims of their employer? How often do employees question the orders or instructions they are asked to fulfill? How often do employees make a stand for what is just and right? How often do employees merely turn a blind eye, consider themselves absent of responsibility, and merely do what they are told, even where instructions would clearly cause harm or upset.

Enough is enough. It’s time to bite back.

Over here at YAYC, we thought it might be satisfying, amusing and constructive to take action; hence our new campaign: ELIXE or EXILE?

Yes it’s a play on words, and yes, it requires a smidge of participation from you, but, and it’s a big BUT, IF we all get on board, whether via this campaign or in our own unique ways, then You, We, US, can positively affect the GAME, and the way in which particular companies, and more importantly the staff working there, play the GAME.

You will have already seen the easy to use forms above that you can use to put in the details of the staff member concerned, the business’s details and of course your details so everything can be put on the letters. These will be created and sent to the email address you put in on the form – so all you will need to do is print them out, sign and post them. But we have also provided templates of the first 4 letters which can be downloaded and filled-out manually. Simply fill-in your name and address together with the company name and address, and then post in order to provide your good or bad feedback. Use the links below…

It’s a simple yet powerful plan that will work providing you do your bit.