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So… What is You and Your Cash all about?

You and Your Cash exists to find, and or uncover, solutions which can assist you, to keep more of your “hard-earned-Cash”, under your control! In this context, “Cash” refers to bank balances, “bank” notes, and property [property, comes in many guises, and more often than not carries a “cash-value”]. We aim to present solutions in a way which is both entertaining and easy to understand. We achieve this by gathering, analysing and testing mainstream, and or “alternative” solutions. Where solutions do not exist, We seek to create them. “Cash”, or more specifically, that which is “treated-as-Cash”; can be thought of as a “promise”, or “other-order”: directing the flow of “money”. So what is money? Well, that’s where our investigations get interesting: check Your Bank Notes! A ‘promise to pay’ “money”, cannot, by pure definition, be money! Sound weird? Welcome to the world of Corporations, Banking and Double Entry Accounting. As the saying goes “fact is often stranger than fiction”. As proof of that, watch this video featuring two financial professionals on the RT website. How banks create money starts at about the16 minutes mark.

Our thanks to Karl from Norwich who told us about this video and said that it “backs up what you say”.

You And Your Cash Podcast

Our top rate show brings you the information you need to…

  • Effectively find out what your rights are and understand them.
  • Use methods that actually work and empower you to succeed where you have been mistreated
  • Show people you deal with you are informed on how to ensure your rights are not walked over

Watch & Listen To Our Latest Episodes (Below)

Birmingham Midshires – Who Owns My Mortgage?

Birmingham Midshires – Who Owns My Mortgage?

What is the Problem? Mr Treanor, from Bedfordshire, contacted the show with a problem. He is trying to sell his home, and this will mean redeeming his mortgage. Unfortunately, the mortgage company, doesn't own the mortgage and therefore Mr Treanor cannot 'redeem'...

How to Get Rid of Nuisance Phone Callers

How to Get Rid of Nuisance Phone Callers

Why is it when we get nuisance phone call it’s always at an inconvenient time or is for something we don’t want or – most of the time – both!
Well, in this program, we thought we’d have a little fun and pass on some feindish ways to deal with those unwanted calls for unwanted products and services from people you simply don’t want to speak with in the first place.

The Campaign To Get Businesses to Do Better Pt2

The Campaign To Get Businesses to Do Better Pt2

What is the Problem? The problem is simple - many businesses treat their customers very badly indeed and well... Don't you think it's time we put a stop to this? What To Do What is all this about? It's about acting collectively to make business and companies realise...

The Campaign to Encourage Businesses to do Better

The Campaign to Encourage Businesses to do Better

Companies exist for one reason and one reason only: to make profit, for the benefit of the shareholders.
Yes, there are a few well intentioned companies, who, as part of their mission statement, seek to invest in communities and or worthy projects and they may sometimes classify themselves as “non-for-profit” entities.

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Seminars cover a themed range of topics and will be listed nearer the time. There will also be lively Q and A sessions to ensure your questions are answered. If you would like to suggest a topic for the next seminar – please use the button below and mention your idea in your message.
The seminars are always special invitation events with limited places available and the event will be filmed. Venue and times to be confirmed. Video shown features Attendees from the April 2016 Event.

Most Popular Shows

Do Banks Actually Loan Money When Making You a Loan?

This one comes from Colin in Yorkshire, and his question “I’ve seen a lot of debate online about Bank loans. Do Banks actually loan anything when they make a loan?”
In order to understand the question and the answer, you are advised to engage in some homework and learn about the creation of money: Modern Money Mechanics, the Chicago Plan (IMF Website), and the Bank of England Quarterly Bulletin 2014 Quarter 1, Volume 54, No. 1; are good places to start.

Standing Order or Direct Debit – What’s the difference

While this may seem like a very simple question, it is still a very important one.
It seems weird saying this, but never trust bank staff to be able to explain banking products, services and or processes correctly, because in this modern age, bank staff are often the least informed people when it comes down to banking code and banking practice. And that’s coming from an ex-banker! In the program we go over the important differences. Not knowing which is best will cost you your cash. And we don’t want that do we!… Feeding

I Want a Loan – Where Can I go to Get the Best Deal?

I want a loan. Where can I go to get the best deal? From Adrian, in Colchester, Essex.
DON’T DO IT! Consider whether you really need a loan, and or whether you really need that large purchase. If you can get by without it, great. If you can’t live without the item, save for it, because products, fashions and technologies change over time. Unless it’s an emergency, or for something which is essential, the chances are you will regret doing it, you’ll regret spending the cash, and you’ll regret paying the interest.
If you absolutely must get a loan, then perhaps consider the following, and this is something that parents, grand parents and extended families should consider doing for their children, grandchildren and or loved ones: Download the free help sheet for the latest help!

Can a Car Insurer Cancel My Policy If I don’t Pay

This one comes from Dawn in Shropshire, and her question “Can my insurer cancel my policy if I don’t pay?” goes a lot deeper than simply not paying, because Dawn paid monthly to spread the cost over the year. In the video you’ll find out how Dawn Had her problem solved and what you should do in similar circumstances

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