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Products to Help You Win

So… What YouAndYourCash Products are available?

Webinar and Replays

These products have been forged in blood, sweat and tears; from the re-search which Simon has conducted since 2008. What you have available to you, is the culmination of more than 200 seminars (held nationally, locally, and or for select groups), and the feedback received, which has been used to refine-and-hone the many processes found to have been successful, for each particular situation.

The content is neither “fluffy” nor “fancy”.

The information presented, has been put to good-use ‘at the financial-coal-face’ (so to speak), and as such, has been “tested” in real-life situations – so you can be sure, if used correctly, the information can help you get the results you desire.

Training Courses

As is the case with using any new “tool”, there is a need for practice and the honing of skills. Using these tools is no different, so you must use them wisely, and sensibly, until you gain the experience to use them at the full power setting! As the saying goes: “with great power, comes great responsibility”.

Even if you do not need to use these tools straight away, simply going through the different courses/webinars, will help to “train-your-mind” in terms of what you should-be-looking-for, when faced with problem situations; what you should say, what you should ask, and how you should act. Above all, you’ll come to realise the immense-power you have in problem-situations, and the ability you have to achieve balance, and come-away “victorious”.

All proceeds are used to support the show, the research, the testing, and the edutainment which we in turn trust, you will ultimately enjoy. Big love x.
And just to be transparent – the price you pay includes a donation.

Direct Debit Claw-back Video Training
A Simple Method for Getting back monies you have already paid and putting pressure on a misbehaving company


  • Each Direct debit provides an outside third-party with the authority to dip into your bank account.
  • That’s an awful lot of power to hand to a third-party – usually a corporation or alternate bank.
  • What happens if an error occurs?
  • What happens if it all goes wrong?
  • Thinking outside the box can furnish you with tools you may not have previously considered were available to you.
  • You could use the guarantee to create leverage
  • If you have the knowledge – you could use the guarantee to balance the books.
  • Simon will explain, in depth, how he obtained in excess of £10,200.00  in order to balance the books; using the Direct Debit Guarantee and Indemnity Clawback.
  • We’ll also make available the letter he used to effect the claw back, and we’ll even show you a scan of the cheque received as a result.

WhiteRabbit Retro – Holding Corporations to Account
Finally re-released – Going back to basics and finding out where so much of this great information came from…


  • Good-service appears to have become a thing of the past.
  • Often, you are expected to help a Company resolve problems which are of its own making
  • Often, the Company expects you to give your time for FREE!
  • How can you bring poor standards to the attention of management?
  • How can you ensure that they take notice?
  • How can you receive adequate compensation for your “spent” time & wasted energy?
  • Simon is going to explain some simple techniques which will enable you to make-your-point, get noticed, and get compensated.
  • You can find out why he is successful when claiming compensation, by getting this course with videos, Manual, Case Studies and Example Letters.

Handling Alleged “Benefit-Overpayments”
Simple methods for getting the benefits agencies back-on-track


  • If you make a mistake, then the liability is yours, and boy, don’t they let you know it!
  • When Benefits Agency staff make a mistake, the fault should be theirs, but all too often, they try and deflect the blame onto you!
  • Are Benefits Agency staff ever wrong?
  • Of course they are. You just need to help them realise that they are not perfect!
  • The solution involves: the calm and balanced delivery, of a simple set, of very powerful questions.
  • Questions designed to lead the unsuspecting Benefits-Agency staff member, along a pre-determined route, which results in their agreement with you.
  • Agreement that: they are in the wrong and ought reasonably have known better.
  • Systematically maintain good, accurate records, in order to stay on top of your game.
  • Make “record-keeping” habitual.
  • Having good solid records places you in control, and promotes a sense of being able to stand-your-ground when it comes to the facts (dates, times, conversations etc).
  • Understand the reasons behind the questions, and you need never fall prey to their tricks again.

WhiteRabbit Retro – Mortgage Seminar November 2015
Finally re released – Going back to basics and finding out where so much of this great information came from…


  • What if Homeowners are needlessly sacrificing their homes?
  • What if a Mortgage isn’t what you think it is?
  • What if the “security” for said Mortgage, isn’t that which you call “home”?
  • The solution avails itself to you once you get informed.
  • The best way to get-informed, is to conduct research.
  • Like so many things in this GAME, the clue is in the Words/Sword.
  • Simon has applied his research, and strategies, in order to obtain a £40,000.00 reduction against a £110,000.00 mortgage debt
  • You can find out what he did, by getting this video pack.

WhiteRabbit Retro – Welcome to the Rabbit Hole
Finally re released – Going back to basics and finding out where so much of this great information came from…


  • Have you ever had a dream, that you were so sure was real? What if you were unable to wake from that dream? How would you know the difference between the dream world and the real world?
  • In these videos, we show you the veil which has been pulled down over your eyes to blind you from the truth. And the truth is, you are a slave to that which we commonly refer to as being: “THE SYSTEM”
  • This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. Close this page, the story ends, and you can return to believing whatever you want to believe. Get the course, and we show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.

March 2017 – Seminar in Southend – Replay
Updating Mortgages, Unsecured Loans, Wills and Trusts, and a special section on Council Tax


  • We expand on the information contained in the Mortgage related, Unsecured Debt related and Will/Trusts and Powers of Attorney related webinars
  • This information is for people who want to keep up to speed with what’s working now
  • 4 in depth videos that give you  the power to put the information to use
  • We bring you up to speed with where we’re at, in our research.
  • There are massive implications in relation to the subject matter mentioned, and in addition: Council Tax.

Wills Trusts Power of Attorney Protection
What you need to know to protect your assets; for those you love


  • This is an in depth look into the main topics that you need to understand in order to make sure your assets are protected
  • 4 comprehensive videos that point you the right direction.
  • This information is for people who are concerned that they may not have had the right (or even any) advice, as to what should and or shouldn’t be included in a Will
  • We outline the best ways of ensuring your estate is protected, now, and when you are no longer around to express your will/power.

How to Get Rid of Unwanted ‘Official’ Visitors
Tools and Information Based on Tried and Tested Strategies


  • This is simple, no BS, training on how to deal with people, coming to your door, who expect you to comply with their BS.
  • Quick and easy worksheets to go through at your own pace.
  • This information is for people who have been seeking tools and understanding so as to be able to deal firmly, politely and powerfully with this type of caller, but weren’t quite sure what they could do.
  • We outline the sneaky way ‘Official Callers’ ignore the laws and regulations governing the way they deal with you in order to get what they want out of you!

How to Deal With Unidentified Unauthorised Bank and Credit Card Debits
This is simple no BS training on how to get your money back when banks take it away.


  • You get a simple yet powerful, guide that shows you how to get your money back when banks and credit card companies take it away in error
  • Find out about the insidious way that staff in banks and credit card companies ignore our complaints about mistakes, blame us for them .
  • Get a simple method that shows the members of staff, that the bank, or credit card company is at fault; by demanding a specific type of proof.

On Common Ground Webinar Replay
Tools and Information for “Change Warriors” Seeking Solutions


  • This is the whole four-hour-plus recorded webinar that has been edited to get rid of the breaks and incidentals.
  • It’s been divided into three convenient and easily watchable videos, that you will be able to work through at your own pace.
  • We discuss many of the big problems facing the conscious community, and how to deal with them. We also invite you to join our network of conscious affiliates

How to Challenge Your Mortgage
Find out how to reduce your mortgage-debt by up to 70%


  • Don’t MISS OUT on this amazing solution…
  • Banks would have you believe that securitisation exists to improve liquidity (cash flow).
  • The truth is, the Banks are profiting in ways that you, the customer, could never have dreamed of.
  • We take you through the finer details when you sign up for the FREE, explanatory, video series. Before you even pay a penny, we’ll send you comprehensive notes too!

Get Out of Debt Webinar Replay
All you need to know, to help you deal with unsecured debt


  • We’re going to talk you through four (4) crucial considerations, which can assist you in ridding yourself of unsecured debt.
  • This information is for people who have been seeking a “way-out” of the debt quagmire, but weren’t quite sure where to start, and are willing to take responsibility for their own financial destiny.
  • We’ll also outline ways in which you can turn the tables, and reflect the “pressure”, onto the Banks and Financial Institutions which claim you “owe” them something.

The Mortgage Destroyer Webinar Replay
Four (4) Robust DIY Methods, You Can Use, to Destroy Mortgage-Debt


  • We’re going to talk You through four (4) known lines of attack in relation to the ‘good-ole’ Mortgage (Death Pledge) Product.
  • We’re also going to make a very big announcement in relation to a proposed class action against the Banks. [See the Mortgage Challenge]
  • The information released in this webinar has been a long time coming.